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Power-Packed 30 Shot Bundle

Power-Packed 30 Shot Bundle

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Give your system an instant boost with our cold pressed Power-Packed Shots!

Our shots are specially formulated to cleanse (Antidote), repair (Elixir) and boost your immune system (Immunity).

Our Power-Packed 30 Shot Bundle provide a quick dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in a easy to consume 100ml shot to be taken daily

The 30 Shot Bundle consists of:
10 x Antidote Shot 
10 x Elixir Shot
10 x Immunity Shot

Recommended consumption:

Option 1: Start your day with 1 Shot
Day 1: Cleanse 1 x Antidote Shot
Day 2: Repair 1 x Elixir Shot 
Day 3: Boost 1 x Immunity Shot

Option 2: Intense 3 Shots per day
Morning: Cleanse 1 x Antidote Shot
Afternoon: Boost 1 x Immunity Shot
Evening: Heal 1 x Elixir Shot

Repeat above cycle as you wish

All of our products are blast frozen immediately after being cold pressed, to lock in the nutrition, freshness and flavour!

Try the ROYAL Difference today - Healthy Never Tasted This Good!

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