About Royal Juice

Royal Juice is on a mission to create the best tasting and most nutritious cold pressed juices on the market.

Our juices are made of the freshest possible ingredients sourced locally from farms around Cape Town. Unlike most other cold pressed juices we DO NOT use any techniques to increase shelf life (Most cold pressed juices found in stores have undergone a process called HPP - High Pressure Processing) - although this process extends shelf life for up to 30 days, the downside is that you lose a lot of the freshness, taste and nutritional benefits of raw cold pressed juice.

Our cold pressed juices are all made on order - meaning that you are always guaranteed to get juice that was made the same day. Our juices are also the best tasting on the market - try it for yourself!

Because our juices have no preservatives you need to drink them within 3/5 days after receiving them fresh.

Alternatively to extend the juices' shelf life, you can freeze them immediately after receiving them. Defrost the ones you are going to drink the next day overnight at room temperature. Frozen juices can last up to 90 days! (After defrosted, do not freeze again!)

Shake Well, Serve Chilled!

Meet our six flavours

Green King 300ml
Apple - Kale - Celery - Spinach - Cucumber - Lemon

Purify 300ml
Mint - Apple - Celery - Cucumber

Restore 300ml
Beet - Celery - Apple - Carrot - Cucumber - Ginger

Endurance 300ml
Beet - Apple - Carrot - Orange - Spinach - Lemon

Glow 300ml
Carrot - Orange - Apple - Lemon - Ginger - Turmeric

Energy Boost 300ml
Sweet Potato - Orange - Carrot - Lemon