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3 Day Dietox Weight Loss

3 Day Dietox Weight Loss

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Ever wanted to do both a detox and a diet in one to reset your gut health and LOSE WEIGHT? We have the answer!

Our Dietox juices, smoothies and shots do not contain any fruits - it combines the benefits of a diet and a detox giving you the ultimate in nutrition while cleansing your body from unwanted toxins and lose weight.

During your 3 day Dietox Weight Loss journey you will drink a combination of 3 x Juices and 3 x Smoothies per day. In addition to this you will start your day with 1 x Shot

Our Dietox 3 Day Diet-Detox Weight Loss Package consists of 9 juices + 9 smoothies + 3 shots:

3 x Vitality Juices
3 x Lean Green Juices
3 x Revive Juices
3 x Nutri Green Smoothies
3 x Trim Smoothies
3 x Elevated Smoothies
1 x Antidote Shot
1 x Elixir Shot
1 x Immunity Shot
1 x Free Royal Dietox Program Guide

(Smoothies and Juices - 300ml each)
(Shots - 100ml each)

All of our products are blast frozen immediately after being cold pressed, to lock in the nutrition, freshness and flavour!

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