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Royal Detox 5 Days

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Our Royal Detox 5 Days program is great and practical. During your 5 days detox you will drink a total of 6 juices per day for 5 days consecutively - ideally one every 2 to 3 hours whenever possible. 

We highly recommend that you do our detox program once per month - you will feel lighter, happier and more energetic! 

As with all our cold pressed juices our detox program is free of preservatives, chemicals, flavours and added sugars, making this the ideal way to reboot your body! 

Our 5 Days Detox includes:

5 x Enery Boost (Breakfast)
5 x Glow (Morning Snack)
5 x Green King (Lunch)
5 x Endurance (Afternoon snack)
5 x Restore (Dinner)
5 x Purify (Before Bed time snack)
1 x Free Royal Detox Program Guide